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S2E11: Burning out? Beat Silicon Valley-itis with Lisa Duerre of CTRL-ALT-DELETE

April 03, 2021 Karen Freeman Worstell Season 2 Episode 11
MOJO Maker for Womxn in Tech
S2E11: Burning out? Beat Silicon Valley-itis with Lisa Duerre of CTRL-ALT-DELETE
Show Notes

Burnout is common in the tech world because of the constant push for innovation and the fast-paced nature of the industry. 

Former HR Professional Lisa Duerre spent over 25 years leading top Silicon Valley companies and experienced burnout herself. She now works as a burnout prevention and high-performance advisor for tech leaders. 

In this episode, Lisa talks about her tech journey and how imposter syndrome and a lack of boundaries contributed to her running herself into the ground. She talks about the symptoms of her burnout and what she did to work through it. Lisa highlights that so many people experience this issue, and you should not blame yourself or feel as though you have failed if it is something you are going through. We hear how Lisa came back a better, more thoughtful leader and the incredible impact this had on her team as a whole. 

Near the end of the show, we share an exciting project that Lisa and Karen are working on in Clubhouse, to help you reset and recharge for the week ahead. Preventing burnout takes intention, setting clear boundaries, and actively recharging your batteries in whatever way makes sense for you. As someone who knows the tech world inside out, Lisa has a wealth of knowledge we could all learn a great deal from!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know Lisa, her background in tech, and how she came to do burnout work.
  • When Lisa realized that she was experiencing burnout and what caused it.
  • What happened when Lisa paid a visit to the hospital when she had arm and chest pain.
  • The importance of setting boundaries and knowing when enough is enough.
  • How a lack of self-worth and self-love contributed to Lisa pushing herself so hard.
  • Why overachievers are more prone to burnout.
  • Lisa's decision to stay at her job and how she regrouped after she took time off.
  • What Lisa noticed in her team when she came back with more intentionality.
  • The importance of celebrating wins, especially in the fast-moving tech space.
  • When Karen realized that she was experiencing burnout.
  • Drawing a parallel between an airplane on autopilot and someone heading toward burnout.
  • What the doctor told Lisa after she was cleared of a heart attack.
  • Details about Lisa and Karen's project on Clubhouse to help people reset.
  • Lisa's Ctrl+Alt+Delete podcast and the topics she and her guests cover.
  • Two of Lisa's top tips for dealing with burnout.
  • Life goes through cycles, and we can easily default back to burnout habits, so take care.

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