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S2E7: What Would it be Like to be a Fearless Leader? with Sandy Brown-Gledhill

March 05, 2021 Karen Freeman Worstell Season 2 Episode 7
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S2E7: What Would it be Like to be a Fearless Leader? with Sandy Brown-Gledhill
Show Notes

Sandy Gledhill is a Corporate Problem Solver who has dedicated her career to helping high-performing leaders unlock the secrets to even greater levels of success. Her years spent coaching executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers uncovered a secret that is harbored by many high achievers; the hidden fears that often restrict them to living smaller lives than those for which they were destined. 

Sandy was well-acquainted with this particular secret, as she too had perfected the art of looking like a risk-taking success story while being plagued by a host of debilitating fears that were tearing her apart inside. In this episode, Sandy shares some of the misconceptions about fear and how you can start to live fearlessly. She also explains the mental shift required, how clearly defining your fears can help diminish them, and the importance of having an abundance mentality, as well as trusting your instinct and embracing failure. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Sandy came to understand every leader’s struggle with hidden fear.
  • What she has learned along the way that helps her help others: fear of anything is not a healthy motivator!
  • The broken corporate culture in America and how it encourages a sustained state of fear.
  • Karen talks about her wakeup call, when she was no longer driven by her fear of failure.
  • Sandy describes her personal relationship with fear and how she overcame it.
  • Hear more about her book, The Fearless Revolution, and the practical tips it offers you.
  • How to confidently project yourself into the future and anticipate a positive outcome.
  • Understanding that your body doesn’t differentiate between excitement and fear, it’s all in your mind.
  • Why fearlessness is not synonymous with being a daredevil; it’s a contract you enter into.
  • Sandy explains that fear thrives in the shadows; clearly defining your fears is the first step.
  • More about the fear of public speaking, why it is so common, and how to overcome it.
  • How asking “so what?” in the face of your biggest fears can help you diminish them.
  • The importance of having an abundance mentality when fear causes us to restrict.
  • If living in fear causes things like arteries to contract, it’s possible that fearlessness opens everything up.
  • Fear versus instinct; Sandy advises living fearlessly and trusting your instincts.
  • Sally’s advice for professionals dealing with fear in the workplace: embrace failure!

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