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S2E6: Almost Killed by Kindness with Lana Wolfe

February 28, 2021 Karen Freeman Worstell
MOJO Maker for Womxn in Tech
S2E6: Almost Killed by Kindness with Lana Wolfe
Show Notes

If you are a woman in tech and you’re getting unwanted attention from a colleague, what do you do? Do you set boundaries and stand up for yourself? Or do you file a complaint first? Since #metoo, we are all still navigating the confusing issue of inappropriate attention in the workplace but today’s guest, Lana Wolfe, became uniquely qualified to explore this topic after the man she tried to help nearly took her life. Following her near-fatal experience, as told in her book, Like a Moth to a Flame: A Fatal Attraction, she overcame the trauma and began actively pursuing her passion: to help women overcome fear, find inner peace, and live the life of their dreams. Tuning in, you will hear from Lana as she speaks candidly about the trauma she experienced and the steps she took to overcome her fear. She also shares her motto, weighs in on unwanted attention in the workplace, and offers her advice for living without fear, so make sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Lana speaks candidly about her near-death experience.
  • Hear about the man that tried to kill her, who was struggling with mental illness.
  • Some of the red flags that might have warned Lana that this man was dangerous.
  • The steps Lana took to overcome her fear and trauma, like exercising and setting goals.
  • Lana talks about her motto, “Fill the bucket before you kick the bucket.”
  • The importance of taking time for yourself and the positive outcomes it has in your life.
  • How to deal with unwanted attention in the workplace; Lana weighs in on this topic.
  • Why it is important to first speak up and then escalate the issue.
  • Living without fear: how Lana has pursued her goal of enjoying life.
  • Women are conditioned to be polite when protecting yourself should be your first instinct.
  • Hear Lana’s perspective on victim-blaming and her experience of it.
  • Putting her experience to work by becoming a coach; how Lana turned her pain into purpose.
  • Lana shares her advice for women dealing with unwanted attention: don’t let fear stop you!

“The #metoo movement has put [sexual harassment] out in the forefront, where it’s okay to confront and to go ahead and set your boundaries.” — Lana Wolfe [0:18:05]

“My advice is: set your boundaries and make it known that you are valued too.” — Lana Wolfe [0:35:20]

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