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S2E5: From Receptionist to Advertising CEO with Lynn Power

February 19, 2021 Karen Freeman Worstell
MOJO Maker for Womxn in Tech
S2E5: From Receptionist to Advertising CEO with Lynn Power
Show Notes

After a hiring freeze straight out of college, Lynn Power couldn’t pursue her dream of joining the FBI. Instead, she got a job answering the phone at an advertising agency. This was only the beginning though, as Lynn accumulated the skills and experience needed to become the CEO of New York's largest and oldest advertising agency. In this episode, Lynn shares her journey with us, detailing her early years, time as a CEO, and what life has been like as her own boss. Lynn’s career, although successful, was influenced by prejudice and male-dominated industries. During her time in advertising, she found ways to burst through the glass ceiling, receive the compensation she deserved, and empower women: all points which she expands on in the show. We find out from Lynn how women can empower themselves in the workplace too, by finding their voices and setting boundaries. All too often, Lynn says, women are too quiet and often say “yes” to tasks they’re not suited to or are too qualified for. Toward the end of the conversation, Lynn touches on culture in business and why it is important to find a company that reflects your own values. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Lynn Power.
  • Lynn shares details about her journey in a male-dominated industry.
  • Lynn never had intentions of working in advertising, but rather for the FBI.
  • How Lynn worked her way up the corporate ladder.
  • Contrasting experiences in different roles that Lynn took on.
  • Ways Lynn empowers women.
  • Some experiences where Lynn’s competence was undermined.
  • Hear about Lynn’s thoughts on women and their place in her agency.
  • The importance for women to set boundaries.
  • The surprising desire women have in light of the pandemic.
  • Women and compensation: Lynn’s perspective.
  • How women can be assertive in the workspace.
  • Culture in business and why it should be created.
  • How relationships between female employees and their companies have changed over time.

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